Claim: Jews behind 9/11 and Holocaust

In 2010 Ove Svidén, a candidate for a parliamentary seat in Sweden was interviewed by Sweden’s largest news channels SVT, claiming that the Jews where behind 9/11 and the Holocaust.

“Who won the Second World War? The Jews! They got a state. A little remnant of a people gets a country. It’s not a coincidence,” Svidén told SVT.

The politician also tied Jews to the 2001 terrorist attacks in New York. Writing on his website, Svidén describes how the construction of the World Trade Centre was a project dear to the heart of banking mogul David Rockefeller. But in a bid to “kill his darlings”, the ageing patriarch had the iconic twin towers destroyed.

“As a Swede it’s hard to understand the Jewish belief that a victim is necessary if anything is to be gained. But for David Rockefeller this could serve as a diversion and alibi for the person who benefited most from the events of September 9th [sic] 2001,”.

Year: 2010
Source: The Local
Claimed by: Sweden