Claim: Mossad behind JFK assassination

Mua’ammar Al-Qadhafi claimed in a speech aired by Al-Jazeera that John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the Mossad.

The UN General Assembly should start an investigation into the assassination of US President Kennedy. We know that he was killed by one Lee Harvey. Then came one Jack Ruby, and killed Lee Harvey, Kennedy’s killer. Why did he kill him? Jack Ruby was an Israeli who killed Lee Harvey, Kennedy’s killer. Why would this Israeli kill Kennedy’s killer? Then Jack Ruby, the killer of Kennedy’s killer, died in mysterious circumstances before his retrial. Why? Open the files. What I know, and what we are taught in history class, is that Kennedy had decided to hold an inspection of the Israeli Dimona nuclear plant to find out whether there were nuclear bombs there. This is why they got rid of him.

Year: 2009
Source: MEMRI
Claimed by: Mua’ammar Al-Qadhafi