Claim: Secretive Jewish power behind the danish cartoon controversy

The well known Swedish anti-semite Ahmed Rami claimed in a text published in a Iranian newspaper that there was a clear connection behind the publication of the cartoons and the “secretive Jewish power”.

Ahmed tells that the intent of publishing the cartoons was to incite violence and promote the Jewish “clash of civilizations” between Muslims and Christians and also to draw away attention from the “the 58-year Jewish occupation of Palestine and the Zionist occupation of Iraq”

New York Times about the incident:
After a Danish newspaper and other European publications displayed 12 cartoons caricaturing the Prophet Muhammad in 2005 and early 2006, violent protests erupted around the world. Muslims throughout the Middle East and Africa rioted. They burned embassies and churches and fought with police; at least 200 died and many more were injured. The incident highlighted some of the issues raised by Europe’s growing Muslim minority: How do you draw the line between free expression and respect for religion? Can Western democracies accommodate the growing cultural and religious differences?

Right now there is a trial in Denmark where the main suspects are Swedes
Muhammed Danish Cartoons: Four Muslims On Trial For Terror Plot

Year: 2006
Source: Radioislam
Claimed by: Ahmed Rami