Claim: Mossad death squads behind School massacre

Mossad death squads behind School massacre
A recently retired professor at a University in Minnesota claims in an article published in an Iranian state news outlet that Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad was behind the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Dr. James H. Fetzer wrote that the Mossad had conducted the shooting to “strike fear in the hearts of Americans.”
“The killing of children is a signature of terror ops conducted by agents of Israel,” he wrote. “[W]ho better to slaughter American children than Israelis, who deliberately murder Palestinian children?”

Fetzer, who recently retired but still maintains a website, email, and an honorary title with the university, went on to claim the massacre was part of a greater U.S. Government plot to wage violent war against Americans.

Year: 2013
Claimed by: James H. Fetzer